About Us

Rick and Beth

Diehl Chemical, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Beth & Richard Diehl, who had an extensive background in the chemical distribution industry. Rick Diehl gained a formidable amount of expertise at Stinnes Oil and Chemical. As the Vice President of Texas Operations Rick had responsibility over Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

With the support and entrepreneurial spirit of Beth Diehl, Diehl Chemical Inc. was formed. Rick focused his efforts on driving sales while Beth built the financial infrastructure of the company. After a successful start, two years later Rocky Lane joined the company as the Vice President of Marketing. Rocky's addition strengthened the management and sales team due to his many years of expertise in the oil and gas market.

At Diehl Chemical Inc. we understand that our customers are our most valued assets, and we will work hard to gain and maintain your trust and confidence.

Together this team has built and sustained a long-standing, financially strong company poised for continuous execution of Diehl Chemical's Mission Statement:

Diehl Chemical Inc. will strive to be your preferred chemical supplier due to competitive pricing, excellent service, good stewardship, and integrity that we offer to the marketplace.